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Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my website. The site that gives you opportunity to exchange information, learn about experiences from other radio-amateurs, and read about tests for the (beginning) amateur.

VZC. Home made Club.

PSK interface

JillePA1DV, Cor PA1COR, and Hans PA7HPH meet every week to work on all kind of projects. Over the years we made antennas, masts, transceivers, interfaces for digital modes etc. and took part in many contests to try out the things they made. Read the stories and see how we tried to solve the problems we during our activities.


Pacc contest

Contests can be addictive. Experience the kick of contests. You need not be a super contester or a high-speed telegraphist. just do it for the fun to take part in a contest. Read about our experiences and see how simple it is. just try it and use one of the many freeware log programs.

PA7HPH active with PSK

Home made club (VZC)